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Frequently Asked Questions
Visa :
Apartment Booking :
Basic Services
All apartments we offer are completely furnished, supplied with clean linen and towels. The basic home appliances (refrigerator, telephone, TV with remote control, and iron) are available in all apartments. Higher-class apartments are equipped with even more appliances: air conditioner, video recorder, music centre, washing machine, dishwasher, computer, microwave etc. In addition, you can order certain products, food, drinks, etc., and we will bring them to apartment before your arrival. Odessa Apartments deal directly with the owners without intermediaries, thus there are no additional commission fees added to the rental price. Every building in which our apartments are located comes with a secured front door. Supervised parking lots are available near most of these buildings. All apartments we offer are located in the very centre of the city, which makes them even safer.
The rental price includes:
1. cleaning the apartment and changing the linen every week. (More frequent cleaning and laundry of guest's clothes is provided for additional payment).
2. All fees for security, electricity, heat and water supply, and other kinds of municipal services.
3. Unlimited phone calls within the city. (No international and long-distance calls from the Apartments).
General Issues :
Servicing Issues :
Hire-cars :
Payments :
Breakdowns & Complaints :
During your Stay :
Visa :
Yes, all foreign incoming travelers will need to have a visa stamp in their passports before arrival to Ukraine. Since 2002 citizen of US and some European countries do not need to have a letter of Invitation for the business and private trip. The letter of invitation is required if a person traveling as a tourist. Since 2005 the US, Canada, Switzerland and Japan citizens do not required to have a visa to enter Ukraine if the period of their stay does not exceed 90 days.

Yes, we can. We are able to provide tourist visa invitation letters for our customers within 72 hours. We are partners with Marriage Agency in Odessa which is issuing tourist or Business invitation Letters. In order to proceed with your invitation letter we will need:

Your full name, citizenship, date and place of birth, postal address, home phone number;
 Your passport data (number, date of issuing, issuing authority);
Dates the visa must be issued for.
$60.00 dollars for the processing fee

Yes, we can. After the final reservation upon your request we will send an accommodation voucher to the fax number you will provide to us. This is at no cost to you.
Apartment Booking :
Please fill up a form on our site and send it to us. We will reply to your request within 24 hours and will confirm your reservation. In case the apartment you have chosen is not available we will offer you other options.
Yes, we do require Deposit. The Deposit can be done by credit card, wire, check or western union.
Yes, you can pay for the services you have chosen by credit card prior to your arrival. There is no need to carry cash to pay for our services (transfer, car rental, apartments, air or train tickets, tours guide etc.) Please note there will be a 5 % fee added to your final bill to cover the card processing charges we occur.
We will keep the cancellation fee and the required one day apartment deposit out of your total charge and we then will refund your card the rest of the balance owed to you.
If you cancel your trip prior to 7 days of your arrival - one day of rental is kept. If you cancel you trip prior to 3 days of your arrival - two days of rental are kept. If you have not come and had not canceled the reservation and services two days of rental and first day of services are kept (transfer, car rental, tour guide etc)

Standard time's are


Check in 12 am to 1 pm


Check out is 12 am


In case if we have possibility we always permit free early check-ins and late check-outs. If you would like to secure early check-in or late check-out in advance it is necessary to pay for one additional night of stay. Please note If the check in or check out later then 8 pm a transfer is a must (our staff driver will check you in and the manager will come the next day at your convenient time to settle up the payments) If the check out or check in is earlier then 8 am a transfer is a must (our staff driver will check you in and the manager will come a bit later the same day at your convenient time to settle up the payments)

In most case’s we lease the apartments directly from the owners and mange them, But with most of the apartments the owners and our company have a partnership. In most cases we are managing partners of the properties we rent.

All the apartments are fully Furnished and equipped with - satellite or cable TV, VCR, CD, DVD, refrigerator, fully equipped kitchen, iron, iron board, washer machine, vacuum cleaner, air conditioners, UHF-ovens and coffee-makers, clean bed linen, few sets of towels, toilet paper, soap, etc.

We can upon request. It is additional $ 7 per cleaning, otherwise once in 3 to 5 days it is free of charge
Yes, each apartment has a telephone line
No,All Local calls are free of charge.

No, apartment phones DO NOT have such feature's as well as calls to Ukrainian mobile numbers though you are able to receive long distance, International calls or calls from mobiles. For those apartment rental clients who need to make such calls. We can provide you a Mobile phone rental.

Some of the apartments have FREE HIGH SPEED. Other Apartments you will need to pay $2.00 a day extra in advance so we can turn it on, if you need to pay extra it will tell you in the listing. Every listing of an apartment on this site will say it has internet or not, and if there is an extra charge for it.

All of our apartments are located right in the very center of Odessa city center. This is safe and socially secure area. All Buildings have either - security door coded entries or have double doors, some even have alarm systems.Odessa is a very safe city.

Yes, all our apartment are located right in the city center of Odessa and are within 1 to 5 minute walk to all the main area shops, grocery stores, restaurants, clubs and bars and many places of interest for example the Opera house or Most museums.

If you give us notice at least 10 days in advance and the apartment you booked allows your dates to be moved, your reservation can be moved without any penalty. If you give less than 10 days notice or the original apartment does not allow your dates to be moved due to schedule conflict (in which case we will have to propose another apartment for you) the penalty is one night fee.

Yes, but it is subject to apartment's availability. However, if your apartment is not available to be rented longer than original reservation due to schedule conflict we will find you a suitable option.

Please, Let us know right away of any problems and we will make sure those problems get fixed right away. In case of any long lasting problems or inconveniences that are not compatible with normal living we will move you to the same or better quality apartment.

Yes, if you are in Odessa and have no place to stay. We will find you and apartment that will meet your needs. However, we always recommend to reserve in advance if possible (especially in high-season). Note: If clients needs an apartment the same day and want to pay with a credit card payment we charge 5% transaction fee.

No, the only case when client may request another apartment is if apartment has defects that are not compatible with normal living. We take all apartment photos ourselves and GUARANTEE that the apartment looks exactly the same way as on the photos.

We hold the apartment you have booked for SEVERAL HOURS BEFORE WE CANCEL your reservation on the day you are due to arrive. If we do not hear from you there is NO REFUND of the rental deposit. All cancelations need to be made 3 days before arrival to receive a refund on your deposit.

We will try to show the apartments to you or your friend. But usually that is not possible and there are many reasons for this, one of them being the fact that the apartments are usually occupied 90% of the time by tenants. However, we can attempt to show the apartment prior to the booking only if this is possible. Please be assured that our online photos and descriptions are completely accurate and up to date.

General Issues :

If you do not speak either Russian or Ukrainian then we strongly recommend that you book one of our English speaking drivers to meet you at the airport or station. Most taxi and bus drivers do not understand English. They will also show you the apartment and provide you with the keys. Before you arrive you will also be provided with the apartments address. If you decide to get a bus or taxi they should know where to take you. When you arrive one of our English staff will be there to meet you.

There are taxis and busses - The cost of a taxi from airport varies from 20 to 30 USD although, you will get some drivers that will try to charge you more. Ensure that you get a price before you get in the taxi. The driver should not charge any extra at night.
There is a regular bus service from airport or train station to the city center. From here you can get another bus or a taxi to any point of the city. Please note that most bus drivers do NOT speak English and if you have a lot of luggage this can be a problem.

Most apartment owners DO NOT ALLOW PETS ; if they do then you are fully responsible for the cleanness of the apartment and any damages.Please note: If you are traveling with a pet and need an apartment we will be happy to find one for you.

Our Driver will wait up to one hour or more for you after the agreed meeting time. There will be an added charge for every hour the driver wait’s after the first hour of $10.00 per hour. If your flight is delayed. If you are delayed for any other reason please give us a call using the emergency phone number that we provide you to make alternative meeting arrangements. This number is always answered 24 hours a day / 7 days a week and on holidays.

There are supermarkets and shops that are open up-till 10pm 7 days a week. But there are also many smaller Markets and Shops open 24 hours a day, plus a few restaurants and bars.

Restaurants normally close around 11:00pm,But there are few open 24 hours.
Speak to one of our staff when you arrive for more details and information about restaurants and bars near the apartment that you are staying in.

Food and drink is not normally supplied. But if you are interested in having some supplied, it can be organized for you by ordering our Personal Pre-Arrival Shopping Service. You will find more information under our service’s section. If you are arriving at night time and not wanting the shopping service then we advise that you bring some drinks and snacks with you.

For all our clients we have airport transfer service available, our driver will take you directly to the apartment where you can make your final rental payment and get the key to the apartment. If you don’t need an airport transfer we will wait for you in the apartment, but you will need to call us from the airport so we know the exact time of your arrival to the apartment or discuss your check-in time with us by email prior to your arrival.

Servicing Issues :

The following items are included - Preparation before and cleaning after occupation, Apartment cleaning every 3 to 5 days if you stay for longer than 3 days. Linen - sheets, towels, kitchen towels and bathroom mats are changed also every 3 days.

This all depends on the owner of the apartment. Please check with us before you make your booking. There may be a small additional charge.
There will be no extra charges. But you should understand that you and only you are responsible for everything that was included with the apartment.
Hire-cars :

Only the main driver (the person who contracted the car) and the second driver. In either case they must have valid driving license and carry it with them in the car.

Third party claims, damage to the hired vehicle, passenger and driver injury and recovery costs. Exclusions - damage to tires and wheels, parking and traffic fines.

If anyone is injured or the other driver does not stop then you MUST call the police. In any case ALL drivers must fill in the duplicated form providing all the details. It matters not if it is the one from your car or the other drivers, just as long as you have a copy.
Please do not admit liability, either verbally or on the form - this is a matter for the Insurance Company or the Court to decide.

Payments :

If the manager decides to take an Inventory Deposit during the check-in process it will be returned to you during the checkout process if no loss or damage is discovered We only take the inventory deposit if we consider it  necessary (in most cases it depends on the apartment)

We request a deposit payment for the first night of your stay to secure the booking of your apartment. Please note your apartment is not booked until this deposit is received. You pay the rest upon the arrival to the apartment in cash.
Usually there is no Inventory Deposit, but we reserve the right to take an Inventory Deposit should we deem it necessary. This will be returned to you during the checkout process if no loss or damage is discovered.
All payments need to be made in Euro’s or US Dollars. If you are not from the USA please ensure that you have enough Dollars to cover the total cost of your stay. If you forget then we give you the next day to exchange your currency into US Dollars.

If you want to pay with a credit card the balance owed you can but will be charged a 3% service fee.
Yes,There is a deposit of $100.00 dollars that is refunded at check out. If the key is lost or stolen we will keep this deposit.
Breakdowns & Complaints :
You should phone call us as soon as possible using the phone number we give you upon arrival.
If something breaks of malfunctions in your apartment we will dispatch a repairman immediately to fix the problem. We employ various repair man on call to fix any problems in the remote chance they arise. In a worst case scenario, we function like a Hotel where if the problem can't be fixed in a reasonable time we will relocate you to another apartment of equivalent or better standard.
During your Stay :
The charges for all utilities are included in the rental price, so you don't have to worry about it.

If the illness is of a minor nature then, unlike in most other countries, a pharmacist is qualified to prescribe medication.

The pharmacist has a professional and legal obligation to refer the patient to a doctor if the condition or illness is considered serious enough. If you need help organizing a doctor to see or got to the hospital we will have some one take you.

There are medical clinics (Hospitals) in Odessa, most are open 24-hour's and doctors are also available for house visits. The emergency services are on 03 or you can call us. If you don't have a telephone the best remedy is to drive the patient to the nearest clinic. Please Note - under these circumstances you always have to decide if moving the patient could aggravate the illness or injury. If this is the case then it is best to send somebody for help or knock on a neighbor's door.
You should always ensure that you have health insurance with you when you arrive. Medical services in Ukraine are not free.

You should let us know right away, in the first instance, and we will try to resolve the problem. If this fails then we will then help you make an official complaint to the local authorities. If possible we will try to move you; this will only happen if we can not get the issue resolved.

If this happens in a public place then report the incident to a municipal policeman. If you cannot find one then call 02 on your mobile phone or from a call box (no money required). If your apartment is robbed then call the municipal police and us. They would normally attend within a few minutes or up to a half-hour. You will have to make a statement at the police station as soon as possible and they would require a list of all items stolen plus the value of them.
If you do not write in Russian or Ukrainian then make the list in your own language and we will translate it for you.

You need to carry your original copy of your passport and the original copy of the immigration card (which you should receive at the airport or border crossing).

Always make copies of both documents and store them in the apartment in case you lose them.