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Odessa apartments versus Odessa hotels

There are a lot of reasons for renting an Odessa apartment as opposed to staying in an Odessa hotel.
Money saving

For many clients, one of the most important factors is money saving. Odessa hotels are unfortunately pretty expensive, with prices higher then in Western Europe or the USA and overall quality being pretty low. If you choose to stay in an Odessa apartment you will save Money on lodging while enjoying superior level of quality. For example, a typical rate for a deluxe single in a centrally-located Odessa hotel is around USD150 per night, while a nice and spacious one-room apartment with western-style renovation and all necessary amenities is around USD65. Average rates for one-bedroom Odessa apartments are USD70-90. Three-room apartments USD90-200.

Surely, there are more expensive luxury apartments with amenities such as Jacuzzi, digital TV, expensive music systems and rates up to USD300 for a two-bedroom apartment, as well as less expensive budget apartments. In any case, you will save a lot on your Odessa lodging and enjoy a better quality.

Odessa apartments provide much more space than you can find in a typical Odessa hotel. Amenities are also pretty important. Many apartments have amenities that it is hard to find in Odessa hotels microwaves, CD-players, washing machines, air-conditioning, DVD-players, VCRs, Home Cinemas, Jacuzzi, etc.

All of our Odessa apartments have a kitchen with all necessary kitchen ware, so you will not be so dependable on Odessa restaurants

Privacy and flexibility

The things that you definitely will not find in Odessa hotels are privacy and flexibility. If you stay in one of our apartments, no one will be bothering you. This is especially important if you are planning a vacation or romance trip to Odessa.


Location of our Odessa apartments is better then for most Odessa hotels. Most accommodations are located in the very center of Odessa within a few minute walk to the main street of Odessa and the main city park of Odessa on Deribasovskaya Street.You will find nearby all major tourist sights and entertainment, restaurants, cafes, and shopping centers.

Renting an Apartment in Odessa

Renting an apartment in Odessa Ukraine is the best and most sensible option for the discerning traveler compared to booking a conventional hotel room, these are not only overpriced for what you receive in the way of service but are also overbooked as there is a shortage of such places in Odessa especially with the increased demand for accommodation in Odessa in recent years. Especially for Western tourists, apartments in Odessa are the best choice because they offer what the visitors are accustomed to: State of the art service and quality, and at very reasonable and inexpensive prices.

There are many advantages in choosing an apartment rather than a hotel in Odessa and that is probably the motivation why only 30% of tourists prefer to stay in a hotel, especially during summer or the other peak tourist seasons. The key advantages of the Apartments in Odessa are the low prices compared to hotel rooms and the ideal privacy they offer. This is what most of the visitors base their decision on when selecting where to stay in Odessa and what the choice of apartments can offer, in other words having one own space, convenience and complete security which is something that they struggle to find elsewhere.

All apartments are totally self sufficient and give the guest the chance to be self-determining and have a homey feeling, as they are equipped with all the necessary accessories needed during the stay. The apartments offered in Odessa are many and range depending on their prices and distance from amenities, from standard to deluxe class. All of them can meet the needs and requirements of even the most demanding travelers, no matter what the purpose of their journey is, business or pleasure.

The economy class apartments include all the expected facilities, with bathroom, TV, phone and kitchen equipment, usually set in one room which can easily accommodate up to 2 persons. In most of them you cannot find washing machines but their prices are really low, some $55.00 per night. The Standard class apartments have of course the standard comforts, plus a fully equipped kitchen and totally separate lounge, as well as Wi-Fi internet access; most of them accommodate 2-4 people. They are priced from $55.00- $80.00.

Superior class apartments are more luxurious and chic and feature all the contemporary conveniences you can expect in their class, and accommodate 2-6 people. They have separate bedrooms and living room, and their prices range from $90.00- $250.00.

When booking an apartment in advance it should be born in mind that visitors need only pay one nights booking fee and that a minimum stay period is not a requirement. Whether they book a superior class or standard apartment, there is always a meeting with the managers of the apartments who will make sure that everything is as it should be. Complimentary transportation to and from the airport may well be included in the overall cost depending on circumstances and how long the visitor is staying.

As for the payments, all traditional methods are of course accepted, including cash and credit cards, this is useful for the Western visitors who are used to alternative means of payment when traveling abroad.